SLA Specific Leaf Area
LMA Leaf Mass per Area
LMF Leaf Mass Fraction
SMF Stem Mass Fraction
RMF Root Mass Fraction
LDMC Leaf Dry Matter Content
SDMC Stem Dry Matter Content
RDMC Root Dry Matter Content
CHL Chlorophyll Content
CHL a/b Chlorophyll a/b ratio
TDM Total Dry Mass

The results that can be found as links in the above table are given per trait and will be extended regularly, as far as they have been published. Published data will be updated twice a year.
For each trait and each of the 12 environmental factors 3 types of results are given:
  • First a graphical display, where average response curves are shown , the course of the median value for a number of subregions of each environmental factor (bold brown lines), the interquartile range (25th-75th percentile; shaded area), and the 10th and 90th percentile of the distribution of all observations within a subsection of the curve (black broken lines).

  • Second, a table with the parameters of the dose-response curves, either described by a straight line, a response of the form y = a x^b, or by no relationship at all.

  • Third, by a plasticity index, which gives the ratio of the highest fitted value across the response curve divided by the lowest.

  • A more extended description is found in Poorter et al. (2010).